Mountain Biking vs Dirt Biking – All the Differences

Bikes are an absolute need in everyday life. It is a more environmentally friendly and healthier mode of transportation. There are many different types of motorcycles that are well-known for their varied characteristics and functionalities.

There are very few individuals who have never heard of a mountain bike or have ever seen one in person. Have you ever gone for a spin on a dirt bike? After reading this, you might be inclined to do so.

Among the many ways to characterize dirt bikes are incredible experiences, screaming engines, fantastic sound, and incredible rapidity! Mud, dirt, sand, and pebbles aren’t particularly appealing.

There are many differences between these two bikes, but the main and the most common differences between dirt and mountain bikes are the price, speed, maintenance and noise!

You may be familiar with the notion of a mountain bike if you are among those who have done so. At the same time, riding a mountain bike provides both adventure and pleasure. It’s pretty light and an enjoyable method to take pleasure in the pace. It is equipped with a precision handling system that is virtually faultless. The smooth functioning encourages you to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible while you are out riding it.

So, let’s dive straight into this article to find out the differences between mountain biking and dirt biking (apart from the quite obvious ones like a more fantastic feel of the adrenaline rush, higher skillset and endurance, and so on)

Mountain Biking vs Dirt Biking – Differences


There is a significant weight difference between a dirt bike and a mountain bike. You can tell by glancing at the two that this is the case. While a dirt bike might weigh anywhere from 200 to 275 pounds, mountain bikes can range in weight from 20 to 35 pounds, depending on the model. This also presupposes that it is not an e-bike in the first place. E-bikes will be significantly heavier than a typical mountain bike when fully charged.

Even if you are a mountain bike enthusiast or possess a mountain bike of your own, you should consider trying dirt biking to add more fun and excitement to your life. You’ll need a firm commitment and a strong sense of resolve.

1. There is a significant difference in propulsion between a dirt bike and a mountain bike!

Again, this appears to be self-evident, yet the way each machine moves or drives the machines varies depending on the situation.

In order to regulate forward movement, a dirt bike rider will lean slightly forward and carefully manage the forward movement with the correct throttle, clutch, and brake control.

While a mountain bike rider will lean forward as well, he will have to pedal, which will need more work because he will not be able to maintain a static foot position. Legs must be moved to assist in propelling the bike ahead.

2. There is a significant price difference between a dirt bike and a mountain bike!

There are several factors to explore and evaluate, all of which impact the price of a particular mountain bike or dirt bike. We may, on the other hand, speak in generalities about the disparities. However, we must point you that you may come across situations that directly oppose everything we have discussed.

In comparison to dirt bikes, mountain bikes will be less costly. Depending on the model, new dirt motorcycles may cost anywhere from $6500 to more than $12,000. Mountain bikes can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $10,000, depending on their specifications.

3. Dirt Bikes require more maintenance!

As you can see, when you have various equipment, the maintenance requirements for each of them will be very different. Because of the smaller amount of parts on the mountain bike, it will be less complicated to maintain in the overall scheme. For starters, the dirt bike has an engine, whereas the mountain bike has a crank-set and pedals. Moreover, the oil on the dirt bike will need to be changed frequently!

Your dirt bike’s engine type and the frequency with which you replace the oil will determine how often you change the oil. Compared to four-stroke dirt bikes, two-stroke dirt bikes require their gearbox oil to be replaced more regularly. I’m referring to transmission oil in the context of two-stroke dirt motorcycles just because the cylinder is lubricated with oil mixed in with the gas.

Mountain bike drive trains will need to be adjusted more regularly than dirt bike trains. The derailleur is what we are referring to here. Your key focus will be on ensuring that the wires are tight and that the movement occurs smoothly. With a dirt bike, you don’t have this luxury. Tires, suspension, and brakes should be checked regularly for mountain and dirt bikes, as well as before each ride.

4. Differences in noise levels between mountain bikes and dirt bikes!

The difference in noise levels between a dirt bike and a mountain bike should be immediately noticeable when riding either. After all, dirt motorcycles are equipped with engines. This is something we’ve talked about several times in this post.

Noise difference is something we want to discuss since we think it’s a question of personal taste. Some individuals, in particular, appreciate the sound of a two-stroke engine when it produces a loud buzz, which is characteristic of a high-revving motor. Other dirt riders favour the fourth stroke because of its deep throat sound in their riding style.

Mountain bikers, for example, have expressed a preference for the sound of free will from the rear cassette. The argument is that sound is subjective to the individual who is riding it. The ability to hear your immediate surroundings is another significant distinction between dirt bikes and mountain bikes when it comes to noise. While riding a dirt bike, it gets increasingly difficult to hear what is going on around you and to hear nature, save from perhaps the sounds of your fellow dirt bikers riding close by you.

On the other hand, mountain biking allows you to hear the birds singing, the wind blowing, and the water running if you’re riding right next to a river. This disparity between the noise produced by the two machines is critical because it will lead to a preference for one machine over the other.

Why are mountain bikes as expensive as dirt bikes?

There are several statements that people and buyers wonder why some mountain bikes are as expensive as dirt bikes. Well, this depends on several things because every mountain bike has unique parts that affect the overall price.

Mountain bike makers are also being pushed to employ more expensive materials due to the increased emphasis on weight reduction. Motorcycles would be absurdly expensive—and extraordinary—if constructed entirely of aluminium, magnesium, and carbon fibre!

If you want to learn more about the pricing of mountain bikes or why mountain bikes are so expensive, we have a special blog post based on this topic. Make sure to check it out later if you want.

Is a Dirt Bike easier to ride than a Bike?

Well, the answer to this question is no.

Dirt biking is much more complex and time-consuming than street riding. If you can ride a dirt bike well, you should also be able to ride a street bike, but not necessarily the other way around. Everyone would begin their journey on a dirt bike in an ideal world. To learn to ride a motorbike correctly, dirt bikes are just a better tool than motorcycles.

If you want to learn more about dirt bikes, you can visit this blog post of dirtxtreme about everything you need to know.


Summing up, we have analyzed the differences between mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Some people prefer to explore nature and enjoy the fresh air of the forests, and others like the adrenaline of a dirt bike! We hope you enjoyed our article as much as we did because this is an exciting topic for the fans of mountain biking and dirt biking as well. Also, if you want, you can share this article with your friends.

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