Can I use hiking shoes for mountain biking?👞

Many people ask the question, “can I use hiking shoes for mountain biking? This is one of the most frequently recurring questions about footwear.

Overall, the answer is yes, but there are some important differences to be aware of. If you are into mountain biking, you probably know that it requires proper shoes to protect your feet from the pedals and the impact when hitting rocks or roots on the trail. 

The first thing people notice when they are looking to purchase a pair of hiking shoes is that they are not very heavy. This means that they can become very uncomfortable on certain terrain. On some surfaces, it is difficult to get traction with the sole of the shoe, which can lead to some nasty falls.

This issue can be addressed by wearing hiking boots while biking.

On top of that, mountain biking shoes are designed for greater traction on slippery surfaces. They have a stiff sole with cleats that help you stay on track when riding steep terrain or off-road.

Can you ride a bike with hiking boots?


I am a huge fan of hiking and wearing nice hiking boots while riding a bike is just wrong. I have tried to do it numerous times and I can not keep myself on the bike.

Hiking boots are designed for walking slowly or running on a trail. They are not made for turning pedals at high speeds.

When you pedal, your feet turn inwards and push against your hiking boots while the rest of the body remains still. This creates friction and makes it almost impossible to complete a rotation without falling off.

Hiking boots and mountain biking don’t seem to be the best combination at all. They weigh more than regular shoes and they can be awkward for riding. But they aren’t that bad.

Hiking boots fit snugly and protect your ankles from rocks and roots. They offer greater support than regular shoes, which makes them useful for an array of activities such as trail running, hiking, and biking. The best part is they are comfortable!

So, if you find hiking boots good enough for you when mountain biking, you are free to cycle with them.

Best hiking shoes for mountain biking

When you search for “hiking shoes” on Google, you get a ton of recommendations from big online retailers that have nothing to do with hiking shoes. Most of those recommendations have nothing to do with hiking either.

The difference between these recommendations and the ones you see on e-commerce product pages is that they are not bought and paid for. They are genuine recommendations because they come from people who know their stuff.

I want to build a list of people – experts – who can make authoritative recommendations – whether it’s about hiking or mountain biking – on any subject I choose.

When cycling on a mountain, you will need a good pair of shoes that can offer you support and traction. The best option for this is a hiking shoe with a stiff sole and a good grip.

MTB shoes are designed to provide comfort and protection from the elements when riding your bike in mountains. The Mountain biking shoes have been manufactured to have a dual closure system which offers you the most comfortable fit as well as improved security. This shoe also features flat rubber soles which offer you an excellent grip on the surface as well as the pedals.

If you enjoy biking in the mountains, you know that good shoes are important. Hiking boots have stiff soles that don’t grip the pedals well.

To get you to understand better, I am going to tell you a short story:

One day, we were riding some tough trails, and it seemed like some people were having more difficulty than others. One of my friends had really nice hiking shoes, so I asked him why he was wearing them instead of his biking shoes.

He told me that they were bike specific shoes, but they worked great for walking as well. I was intrigued, so I did some research and found the best hiking shoes for

While mountain biking shoes are designed specifically with that sport in mind, they generally aren’t comfortable enough to wear while hiking. The best hiking shoes for mountain biking will be sturdy and stable, while still allowing you to feel the pedals and maintain good control over your bike:

– The Spenco Modular Hiker is a multipurpose shoe that works well both on and off the bike. It has an aggressive tread pattern for traction.

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What type of shoes is best for mountain biking?

Mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The number of mountain bikers has increased by more than 30% in the last four years and shows no signs of slowing down.

One of the biggest questions for mountain bikers is, “What type of shoes are best for mountain biking?”. It’s an important question because shoes can make or break your experience when you start mountain biking.

In this section, we’ll answer that question for you, so you can put your best foot forward when you start riding.

The best type of shoes for mountain biking are trail running shoes. They’re lightweight and designed to be sturdy and durable. Trail running shoes tend to be more flexible than other types of shoes, which is ideal for riding a bike.

The majority of mountain bikers prefer trail running shoes because they’re lightweight and comfortable to use without sacrificing the durability and protection needed to ride a bike.

If you think that trail running shoes are not the ones for you, then don’t worry.

There are various types of mountain bike shoes available with specific treads and soles for different riding conditions. The most important factor in choosing the right shoe is making sure they are comfortable and make your life easier.

If you like, you can check out some of the best Mountain Bike shoes of 2021 by

Can I use running shoes for MTB?


There is a long-running argument between runners and mountain bikers about whether or not their shoes are suitable for the other sport.

Runners claim that mountain biking shoes are too stiff for running, and mountain bikers claim that running shoes are too flexible. But which one is right?

In this section, we are going to analyze whether is good to use running shoes for mountain biking.

Running shoes are designed to be light and flexible, but that doesn’t make them the ideal tools for riding a mountain bike.

Running shoes were designed to be used on flat surfaces and paved roads, not technical mountain trails. They’re light and flexible enough to keep you running easily but at the cost of support and durability.

Using running shoes for riding MTB will make you feel uncomfortable and slow down your pace.

However, in case you are a beginner mountain biker, you can ride with them if you don’t have other available options. Also, if you don’t want to spend extra money because you have spent enough on your mountain bike then it is okay to use running shoes or normal shoes until you find a better option for your feet.


Summing up, you can use hiking shoes for mountain biking! As long as they are sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of off-roading, they should be fine. If possible, try borrowing a pair from a friend or renting some before making your purchase. You don’t want to make an expensive mistake if you don’t have to! If you found our article useful you can share it with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned until the next blog post. Until then, stay safe!

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